Peace Seeker: Callan Turns 4

Today my baby turns 4.

He has a love of life that makes me love life on the bad days.

He loves his Bo, this one loves animals. Especially dogs. And wouldn’t mind if we had a whole bunch. πŸ˜‰

He loves to “constroy” (his own word for destroy) and wreck things, and play with his brother. They fight like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day, they are best buddies. (Usually)

He loves candy and time with his family. He loves to play in water or with water. He wants to be a farmer like his Grandpa when he grows up. He wants to drive tractors and mix feed, drive skidloaders and cut down trees with chainsaws. That’s what he wanted for Christmas, his own chainsaw. He is a boy with a stubborn streak, a willful attitude. Daddy is his best friend, but he loves his mama too.

I remember the pregnancy with him, the labor. An emotional mess was a good description for me, he was a rainbow pregnancy. A pregnancy after two miscarriages. There is almost a 4 year gap between him and Alex and Alex was so mad when he knew he was having a brother.

Within hours of being born he was using his neck, making noises. And I just knew he was a different personality from his brother. And I wasn’t wrong.

He is really a no limit child, busy and does not need near the sleep any of the rest of us do. Which makes weekends hard for me. He crawled early, walked and ran early, there was just no stopping him once he was determined to do something. He loves coffee, and candy, and can eat more than his big brother sometimes.

But during the last year of losing Liam and being in indescribable pain, in more ways than one, he was my little best friend. Snuggled into me with his blanket, this non stop moving little boy would stay with me all day.

Today with joy, we celebrate this little man who sparks joy in our home. His big imagination and personality will take him many places, and hopefully in a good way.

Here’s to the coolest 4 year old in town, Callan.

Love you, big boy πŸ’•

– your family

2 thoughts on “Peace Seeker: Callan Turns 4

  1. I’m not sure what happened but, I think you also sent everyone your drafts you saved… (there are 13 posts from your blog in my inbox, most unfinished, and some with nothing.) Just wanted to tell ya about it, so ya know what happened. I really enjoy your posts, and pray that you have the strength you need for this coming week!


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