Peace Seeker: Farm Life

Driving- it was something I could NOT wait to do! I mean, clearly I had to, but I was so excited to finally drive.

I still love it. There have been several times I’ve grabbed my key and went for a drive. A long drive, loud music, getting lost in slowing down my brain. Effortlessly shifting through my gears. It is the cheapest therapy I’ve found yet!

But 18 hour drives ? That isn’t my jam. And every year, I dread it. This year I attempted to set aside my dread. I packed a fun bag for the boys. Snacks, a few “new” toys (Dollah Bins from Target FOR THE WIN!! 🙌), and a friend gave a bag of DVDs she snagged at a steal.

We loaded up and hit the road. And we had barely left my parents zip code before Callan was snoring.

My trick for traveling with kids? MAKE. THEM. TIRED. Alex was in school all day, then came home and helped to clean up and pack up. Callan spent the day with my parents. And he doesn’t nap there so by the time we picked him up, he was well fed and exhausted.

Traveling to my in-laws isn’t so bad. It’s the last few hours that seem to never, ever end. (Same with coming home though too!) Wisconsin is flat. You can see for so long.. it makes the last hour feel like an eternity.

That’s my excuse for whining and I am sticking to it.

Alex was determined to see Chicago. Which is why at 3 am, both boys were chatting and talking a mile a minute while I rolled my eyes and inwardly complained.

In case you’re wondering. I’m a bit of a bear without sleep.

Chicago. It’s a big, beautiful city. At nighttime the buildings look beautiful against the night sky. Alex was awestruck. The architecture. He asked “What’s that building for?” about every single building.

Every. Single. One. Remember, it is 3:30 in the morning. I’d been up since 6:45 and hadn’t had a nap either.


These moments. The ones spent in a car, even they’re precious. Despite the midnight breath, despite the irritation, despite the exhaustion.

(Photo from before we left.)

But these two boys. I am so thankful.

We arrived.

(Photo used in other blog)

“GRANDPA’S!!!!!” Callan shouted.

And this began life on the farm…

My mother in law has beautiful flowers. Greenhouses where she sells these beauties. She puts together all the planters and hanging basket arrangements.


Turns out, we feel Wisconsin is extra bright after traveling and Callan being amazing and having slept a majority of the drive.


And for my boys, farm life is THE BEST LIFE EVER!!!

I’m largely undecided. While I enjoy the slow pace, I can say with all certainty:

I am not created to be a farmer OR a farmer’s wife.

Calves are my favorite bovine.

Fa-vor-ite! I mean, all the heart eyes at the cuteness that is a baby calf!

Sky pictures. Because, well, how beautiful are these?!

What’s a farm without equipment?

Mama cat moved her babies within an hour or two of this photo being snapped.

No judgement, mama cat, we get it.

Father & son photos are my favorite!

Also. I want to add : I have 2 sons. However when Grandpa and uncles are around, Alex is right on their heels. And here, we give him that privilege.

I love that his gentle loving side came out around the animals!!

On Sunday we opted to stay home. Alex was commanded to read his Bible Memory and the relaxing and slowness was a welcome break for everyone.

The boys actually fell asleep. So Lamar and I took a little walk. These creatures may be big, but I venture to assume they’re probably as curious as cats!

Sunday night, we went to the pond on the property to catch some slow moving fish and roast hot dogs and marshmallows.

I love how this one loves holding my hand lately.

Alex was Lamar’s right hand man when it came to building a fire.


Farm dogs

The only reason I ever stepped foot in Wisconsin 💕

The moon! 😍

We threw one stick for Skipper and it became an all evening must. Callan got very brave at bossing Skipper.

Farm life isn’t a life I see myself taking on anytime soon. But I’m grateful we get to experience it every so often for my boys’ sake!!

Unplugged. Chores. Slower paced.

There’s a beauty in this life.

Mama and baby Blue Roans at Lamar’s brother’s farm.

Getting on the calf’s level.

Interrupting the cow pictures to tell a kind of funny story.

Lamar was fixing a Cat Challenger on his brother’s farm. Callan decided to help.

And by help, he had a little tool and socket wrench top. And he stuck it in a hole in the rim.

And when I went to get it out, I pushed it in farther and got it stuck!!

We got a magnet and Lamar needed to get it out. And then Callan and I went to look at puppies, far away from the tools and equipment!

Baby Jack Russel puppies.

We had a wonderful visit. We headed home the last day of April. Going home is always the hardest. We love seeing everyone but the drive is just so hard. Especially coming home.

I came home with lots and lots of flowers. And it will be nice to see these plants growing and think of the lovely woman who gifted them!

Being married into this family, I’ve learned a lot. I’m an outsider. I don’t know the dos and don’ts of these circles. But they are gracious. And kind. And accepting. And that’s what counts.

I try to build and grow each individual relationship with each sister in law. To care and share life. Even as hard as it is sometimes.

I have shared most of my photos from Wisconsin.

I wish I had wedding photos to share.

I wish I could share real life video experiences.

The laugh they all enjoy when I step into a barn and a cow poops.

The laughs we share when I bungle a Dutch phrase.

It’s a good experience. And I am glad God brought that farmer’s son into my life.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Love, Rachelle

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