Peace Seeker: Daily Life

Today I am having my typical “I-go-to-school-later” type of Friday. Since Callan typically spends those hours away, we have lazy mornings together. Possibly Netflix, sometimes a walk, whatever the plan us, we generally try to stay together while we pass the hours.

I graded papers this morning and he played with paper and pencils/crayons.

How much fun is learning with the right papers?!

I love the creativity each student displays. This one was intentional. “LOOK” how she used her highlighters to follow directions! Made me giggle!

Yesterday Alex and I talked about the plan for me coming to school today. See, it’s not just any ol’ regular day, today we make SLIME!

It’s all the rage lately. Homemade slime. I am by far NOT a Pinterest, crafty mama. In fact, sometimes I feel shame when I see the photos other of my mom friends share who do crafts and experiments with their kids! But we tried this and it was fun. Messy. But fun. Callan still has glitter in his hair. And I’ve scrubbed him multiple times.

There is also glitter alllllll over my table.

But some messes are worth hanging around for awhile.

These moments are fleeting. This summer they turn 3 and 7. And I don’t understand how the time can fly by so quickly!

Callan was just a baby, keeping me up all night and only going to bed at 5 am. I was sure I would NEVER feel human ever again.

Alex was just a young child, so smart and easy to teach. I was sure he’d never cause me a lick of trouble.


They fight so hard. Alex asked so many times if we couldn’t just send Callan back! And now look, 2 years later and they can be on the same chair at the same time and be touching and no one loses a mind. Not even me. Especially not me. By the way, literally 5 minutes after this sweet moment, they decided they had to fight over something trivial.

Both are so sure of themselves, and I hope that never changes. I hope they forever stay rooted and grounded in their beliefs. As long as their beliefs are godly.

We collect eggs. We use our imaginations. We haul wood.

We choose to continue moving forward, despite the pain we faced. We choose to keep choosing love and when in doubt, choose love again.

We snap crazy selfies. We dream big dreams. We laugh at our silly cat.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 ESV

In the midst of pain, this is a hard verse to hear much less comprehend. But it is true.

We are learning to appreciate each other and moments. We operate more as a family. A strange admission to make.

And even when we are housing unexpected company for a week, we learn to find the joy. And by we, I mean me.

Our daily lives are more normal. And it’s good. We still have bad days, we still have rough moments. But we laugh, we cry, we love each each other. Sometimes all in one day!

Now. This post is a just everyday one. Stay tuned. On Monday I am posting about a new book that will be released the end of this month! It’s called Lies Moms Believe . I look forward to digging into it and sharing about a bit of it on Monday!

Have a great day everyone!

Love, Rachelle

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