Peace Seeker: New Year New Me ? 

It’s the first day of the first month of a brand new year. If you’re active on social media, depending on your social circle, you’ve seen several (or a lot) of “New Year, New Me” posts. Or posts of folks’ resolutions; diet changes, life changes, things they feel they need to change. 

 Not from me. 

Not because I’m better than that. No. 

I have changes I must make. I have weight to lose and improvements to make in my life. But I won’t bore you with that. 

Instead I post a challenge: How kind can we be this year? 

Last year, I entered 2017 with trepidation. Yet a desire to rid myself of some toxicity, a desire to grow in my faith, to grow in wisdom and maturity. 

My son, A, entered first grade this year. And has experienced several incidents of unkindness. And we’ve worked through those times. 

We’ve experienced a somewhat rough year. If we choose to focus on those things. And I don’t. 

I’m choosing to focus on the good. 

My husband and I have grown closer. We enjoy spending weekends together and doing life together. That’s huge for us. 

Our faith has grown immensely. And yet I look forward to growing this coming year even more. Though selfishly, I do hope God has a less pain filled way of growing my faith and relationship with Him. 

My relationships with friends. I’ve made some new ones, lost some, and some friendships have changed. Some are deeper and better. Some are a bit more surface. Some I’m still unsure of but I keep putting myself out there. 

There’s more things that are good. I will stop there. 

Many people choose a word of the year. A focus word. I don’t. However if I was to choose a word to sum up a year. It would be this: 


Things became more clear, clarified, and overall defined for me this past year. And I’m grateful. 

I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone. I’ve grown in my serving roles at church. I’ve grown personally, I’ve grown in my marriage, as a mom. 

I did not bring in 2018 with a bang, a kiss, or anything else. Instead I went to bed. Before my husband and sons did even. I spent New Year’s Eve grumpy, moody, and miserable. 

I am going to be intentional with continuing to choose joy this year, with being a good example of choosing joy or choosing to speak calmly and softly even when frustrated. My boys so need that example! I’m ashamed of my easily frustrated temperment and how easily angered I become when I am inconvenienced. 

We made a bucket list as a family. We allowed the boys to add to it. There’s only 15 things listed. And some are generic, like “Fish more”. 

I’d like to see this year be better, absolutely. We’ve had a rough and tough several months. But more: I want to see this year be more kind, more loving, more self controlled, more patient, more of the Holy Spirit’s fruits and a whole lot less me.  

 What do you hope 2018 brings for you? 

 Love, Rachelle 

P.S. from us to you, a Happy and Blessed year! 

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