Peace Seeker: Mirror Looks 1

Mirrors, I have a love-hate relationship with them. They are a great thing to use to make sure that your hair looks right and your outfit, makeup is perfect, and all the other things we use them for. (Great to entertain babies too!)

But boy are they a bugger to clean! Well, I have mostly gotten that under control but I still have room for improvement! (Just HOW exactly do my husband and I get toothpaste on the mirror?! Even my 6 year old doesn’t do that. yet.)

I have so many thoughts to share today that I want to be careful not to be overly wordy, so please, bear with me.

Being a woman, when I look in a mirror, I instantly see my flaws. The cute shirt that I love no longer hides my growing baby belly and makes it look less baby and more just a spare tire roll, so off it goes. The eyeliner I worked hard to apply smudged when the 2 year old touched it. The flaws can go on and on, I am sure. I struggle to not be critical of myself, to a point where I allow it to steal my joy. (Yes, I am working on it but it’s a hard battle. That’s a post for another day though.)

As a person, when I evaluate myself and my circumstances, I don’t quickly see the flaws. Well, I do to an extent but the excuses and justifications are instantly there to make me feel less bad. A friend on Facebook recently posted a challenge. She held a piece of paper and on it was written ” #IAMBEAUTIFUL ” and posted a few things about herself that made her beautiful. The challenge was to think of 10 things that make you beautiful. Can you do it? I really can’t. However I can make a list of 20 things that make me flawed.

I am quickly headed towards a side trail that I don’t mean to take in this post. Let me head back to my original plan.

We are all flawed. But not one of us is “more flawed” than another. Yes, you read that right. No I didn’t mess up. There flaws are more glaring, more obvious and we tend to judge those more harshly. Not one of us is perfect. Not one of us is barely flawed. We all sin. I didn’t hurt anyone today, but I did speak harshly to my 2 year old. And that hurt him, his little heart broke in front of me. And I felt smaller than a ant’s little toe.

I don’t answer for anyone’s sins, anyone’s flaws but my own. I struggle to keep ahold of  my patience when my boys, A and C, start whining. It just grates me. Funny because I whine, a lot, I realized today.

My kitchen is small. My house isn’t set up the way I would like, or even painted the way I would like. My furniture is old and worn. My bathrooms don’t have windows for fresh air. (Y’all, my son’s bathroom NEEDS IT’S OWN WINDOW!!!!) This list could go on and on and on. I am quick to justify my words. My dear husband already knows. There is no need for me to beat him over the head with the things that make me unhappy when there is very little he can do during my ranting to fix it.

*SIGH* Beauty. It isn’t always defined by the brands we wear, the fashion we choose, the hairstyle and jewelry we adorn ourselves with. It us also our words. Most importantly, it’s our heart.

I still have growing to do, but I made my husband a promise that I would stop disliking the house. On occasion, I safely vent to him about where to put some of my things that don’t have a hidden home in my kitchen and he offers an opinion that is usually quite smart. He is awesome like that. He helps me organize and purge every half year or so. He shares my sentiments, but reminds me that while dreams are free the actual job of putting them in place costs money we do not have. Yet.

Ladies, how are we being beautiful to our families? We are going quickly into fall. A beautiful, cool season that has a high rate of seeing many people fall into depression. Maybe it’s the monotony of school schedules, housework, dreary weather. Maybe it’s for many reasons and I don’t know your particular story. I do know this: Our heart and it’s spiritual condition matters deeply into what makes us beautiful. Our words to our spouse, to our children, to our neighbors, boss, friends,  The words we speak matter greatly. Words come easy for me, I love them. Opinions come easy for me, I have a ton of them too. I also have learned to think two, three, sometimes many more times before I speak for words spoken in anger are the ones hardest to forget.

Luke 6:45 “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” 

Bet you didn’t remember your anatomy working quite that way… But it does. Remember fellow mamas on life’s journey, check your heart once in awhile and keep it pure and clean because these littles we are raising, our words impact their tomorrows in a bigger way than we can ever imagine.


Love, Rachelle 

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